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Where can I get a card?
You can purchase a Spark Prepaid MasterCard® at Payzone outlets. Find a Payzone outlet near you here. You can also order a Spark card directly from our website here. Fill in our simply online form and a Spark card personalized with your name will arrive in the post within 10 working days.
How much does the Spark card cost?
The Spark card pack costs £5 pounds. Each pack comes with a Spark card and a booklet containing instructions about using your card. Please note there are fees associated with using your Spark card.

Click here to view the associated fees.

How do I get my PIN?
Getting your PIN is easy. Simply send us a text message that reads - PIN {Last eight digits of your 16 digit Spark card number}. This is the number on the front of your Spark card. (Note - Insert graphic of card with last eight digits highlighted) For example if your card number is 529564011234000. The message you should send to us should read:

PIN 12340000

Once we receive this message we will activate your card and return an SMS to your phone with your PIN. Please keep your PIN safe and do not reveal it to anyone.
How do I top up my card at Payzone outlets?
Topping up your card at Payzone outlets is easy. Simply ask the shopkeeper at the counter to top up your Spark card. The shop keeper will swipe your card through his terminal. (Please note you should never be asked to enter your PIN into the terminal) The shop keeper will enter the value you wish to load on his terminal. The card will be loaded within moments. You should receive a receipt with the amount you have loaded clearly displayed on the receipt. Please retain your receipt as proof of purchase.
How do I top up my card at the Post Office?
Topping up your card at the Post Office is easy. Hand over your Spark card and the amount you wish to load to the person behind the counter. They will swipe your card and give you a receipt with the value you have loaded clearly displayed on the receipt. The funds will appear on your card the following working day.
Is a Spark Prepaid MasterCard® a normal debit card or credit card?
Prepaid MasterCard® Cards provided by Spark are not credit cards, charge cards or debit cards. Spark Prepaid MasterCard's are reloadable cards, issued by a financial institution - e-money financial institution. Cards are available in different currency denominations. Each time the card is used, the value of the purchase is deducted from the funds available on the card. Funds are loaded onto the card either at the time of purchase or at a later date. The value is held at a bank and not on the card. The card does not offer credit. In essence, you need to load funds on to your card before you can use those funds.
What can I use my Spark prepaid MasterCard® for?
The Spark Prepaid MasterCard® can be used for many purposes such as:
  • Transferring wages to your card
  • To pay employees their wages onto the card
  • To manage payments for travel expenses, fuel expenses, subsistence, amongst others
  • To carry travel money on a card for safe and secure use abroad
  • To share money with friends and family through additional cards
  • To make or receive Insurance Claim payouts
  • To use safely and securely on Gaming sites and make and receive winnings payouts
  • Online Shopping 24/7, 365 days of the year
Essentially, you can use Spark Prepaid MasterCard's for your business or for yourself to make purchases online, over the phone and in-store at over 34 million locations worldwide, and withdrawals at over 2.1 million ATM locations worldwide where MasterCard® is accepted.
How do Prepaid Cards work?
Spark Prepaid MasterCard's operate on the standard MasterCard® networks. The prepaid value loaded on the card can be used by cardholders at participating retail merchant locations for purchases and ATM's worldwide for withdrawals. Funds will be immediately debited from the cardholders balance upon authorisation of any transaction. Purchases or cash withdrawals are deducted from the balance until the loaded value is spent. The card can be loaded over and over again. A full transaction history can be viewed via an online account management facility and using mobile phone.
How can a cardholder load their card?
Any form of payment can be accepted, including loading via:
  • Cash at over 30,000 Payzone loading locations
  • Debit Card online
  • Via Wage Transfer
  • Via SMS Text Messages from your phone
Can clients' access card transaction data (volume and value on Prepaid Cards)?
Yes. Spark provides each of its clients with access to real-time comprehensive information on their program. This information enables our clients to actively monitor the status of their card program and utilise the information to follow consumer trends for their own marketing and promotions campaigns.
When applying for a Prepaid Card, are customers required to sign an agreement or accept any terms and conditions?
Customers who purchase a card in-store are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions of their card when they activate the card and retrive their PIN. Customers who order their card online must read and accept the terms and conditions of the card program. These terms and conditions are approved by the issuing bank.

Click here to view the terms and conditions.
What process do cardholders follow once they receive their Prepaid Card?
Upon receipt of a Prepaid Card, cardholders must sign the back of the card in the box highlighted "authorised signature" and then activate their card as per the instructions provided in the welcome pack. Cards must be activated through a website before cardholders can access their funds or load funds onto their Prepaid Card.
Can Prepaid Cards be re-loaded with additional funds?
Yes, the Spark Prepaid MasterCard® can be topped up subject to the maximum balance available on the cardholder's card. Depending upon our client's requirements, cardholders can re-load (top up) their cards by SMS, telephone, online or at over 30,000 participating top-up locations.
How long does it take for topped up funds to be available on the card?
Upon authorisation of top-up transaction, funds will be available on the cardholder's card for use within a few minutes. For more details click here to view the terms and conditions.
Do Prepaid Cards utilize a PIN Number?
Yes. Usually the secure Personal Identification Number (PIN) is delivered two to three days after you have received your card . The Prepaid Card can be used at ATM's and point-of-sale (POS) locations worldwide. It is delivered separately from the card for security reasons.
Is there a limit as to how many Prepaid Cards customers can have?
Yes. This depends on the program definitions agreed with our clients.
How can cardholders check their balance?
Cardholders can check their transactions and account balance 24/7 - 365 days of the year through our Internet account management system or via SMS.
Where can cardholders use their Prepaid Card abroad?
Cardholder's can use their cards to make purchases of products, goods and services at any location that accepts MasterCard®. Spark Prepaid MasterCard's are accepted at over 34 million locations and over 2.1 million ATM locations worldwide. In addition, cardholder's can use their cards online wherever the MasterCard® Acceptance Mark is displayed.
What happens when a cardholder's Prepaid Card expires?
Any Spark Prepaid MasterCard® is valid for 24 months. Upon expiration, cardholder's cards will no longer be available for any use. Clients can select to automatically send cardholders a replacement card with all available balance on their new card or the cardholder can request a payment of the remaining balance on the card and close the account. For more details click here to view the terms and conditions.
What happens if a cardholder's card is lost?
Cardholders are required to contact the call centre and request a new card. The cardholder's card will then be cancelled and a replacement card will be sent to them subject to a replacement fee stated in the terms and conditions.
Will cardholders earn interest on the balance of their Prepaid Card account?
No, cardholders will not earn any interest on the balance of funds loaded onto their cards or incur any interest on their spending.
What are the fees for using a Spark Prepaid MasterCard®?
All fees can be viewed on our terms and conditions.
Do cardholders require a good credit rating in order to apply for a card?
No. The Prepaid Card is not a credit card. Neither is linked to your bank account. Hence, no credit checks are required.
Not happy with our service?
We do everything we can to make sure you receive the best possible service. If you are not happy with the services received and wish to make a complaint and your card states on the back that it is issued by Prepaid Financial Services Limited, please contact our card issuer stating the nature of your complaint on complaints@prepaidfinancialservices.com Once your complaint has been received , a Complaints Officer from Prepaid Financial Services Limited, will investigate it immediately and respond to you within 10 working days.
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